About Us

“Akhmedov, Azizov & Abdulhamidov, Attorneys” was established in early 2003 by three lawyers, sharing the same vision of the legal services needs of foreign and international corporate entities either based, or with certain activities being carried out, in Tajikistan. Since then, we have been providing high quality legal services to such entities, and to local corporate entities, going international.

While serving our clients, we have gained a unique experience through a number of “firsts”, when we provided legal services for the certain types of transactions for the first time in the current - transition to market economy - period of the history of Tajikistan.

We believe that we offer our clients an unmatched blend of local knowledge, including the extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on the peculiarities of the Tajik legal system, its gaps and shortcomings; permanent working contacts in all government agencies in charge of formulation of legal policies, laws and regulations, implementation of laws, and/or registration of various activities and businesses, and a legislation drafting knowledge and practical experience, and an international perspective, based on our lawyers’ western education.


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